Ruby Jean Rose  is a singer/songwriter & musician born in the US and raised in the UK, who has travelled the world playing the streets and concert venues. 

After four years of being a street performer based in Berlin, touring Europe and the US she has now returned to Brighton where she plans to release her next EP, You're Not Alone Never, this summer.

2019 led Rose down a new direction - composing instrumental pieces on her first instrument, the cello, for short films. She also returned to running Cabaret shows, which she started doing in her early 20's for Brighton Fringe, but this time in Berlin with a heavier focus on theatrics & storyline.

In 2017 she teamed up with David Stewart Ingleton & Tomas Peralta. Together they further developed Ruby's own brand of Americana by recording two EPs (Putt Putt & Hacksaw). Ruby returned to the US & UK the following year to perform at venues and Festivals such as Hotel Cafe (LA) and Red Rooster Festival (Suffolk) while still touring Europe; playing on the streets and Irish bars.​

After she left school she started working as a live sound engineer and organising concerts but she knew her place was on stage making the noise. This was when she decided to move to Berlin to push herself as an artist and performer. With regular trips to the UK, she recorded and album and single with Simon Rompani & Keith Clarke (Ain't Gonna Break & Shiver), supported artists such as Dodgy and The Beat then co - wrote a song with Jamie Freeman (Bad Girls). She still says the most important thing that happened to her in this time was bringing her music to the street.

Within each creation lies an undeniable ability and passion to create music that truly connects people. She willfully holds the mirror to reveal our loneliness and fears, yet provides a comforting hand and an understanding that is terrifyingly pure, healing and sublime.